Top 5 SEO Tools To Use In 2018

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Search Engine Optimization plays a very vital role in affecting the online visibility of a website. It is an ongoing process that improves your website’s organic search ranking which means free traffic. And who doesn’t want that?
A digital marketer is always in a hunt for new tools that eases their work without hindering its quality. Website analysis is the most crucial part of SEO. The wait is for you to find the best tools for performing site analysis. There are a number of free/paid tools that help you look at the website the way Google sees it.
These tools are critical for SEO services as they allow focussing on elements that Google considers important for your site. Below are the compiled lists of top 5 SEO tools that you can use in this year.


1.Google’s Webmaster Tools

If you are looking for free toolset which is provided by Google itself, then Google Webmaster Tools can be your thing. GWT helps you to identify the problems with your website and also lets you know if it is infected with malware. It even gives you a rough overview of what keywords you are ranking for and how much traffic you are getting on the website.
Another great feature that GWT offers is Page Speed Insights as it measures the performance speed of both the desktop and mobile sites.


2.   Google Analytics

Google offers one free web analytics that reports and tracks website traffic. A research has shown that Google Analytics is now the most used web services on the internet. It has two additional versions: Google Analytics 360 which is subscription based, and the other is Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.
Users are even offered to review online campaigns by tracking conversions (goals) and landing page quality. It can even identify poorly performing pages with techniques its e-commerce reporting can track sales activity and performance.


3.   SEMrush

To find specific profitable keywords, SEMrush is the right tool for you. It is a program that many new and old bloggers are using to optimize their sites, create the content according to their audience and also create a better experience for their visitors.
Whether you own a personal blog or have a corporate website that needs more traffic, SEMrush is a perfect tool for you. It even helps you to identify a variety of keywords, check rankings and backlinks, and audit yours on page SEO.


4.   Moz

Moz is a keyword research tool that provides keyword suggestions, SERP features, SEO Toolbox, SEO competition, opportunity, accurate search volume data and saved lists. It provides search engine optimization services such as site crawl checkups, rank tracking, prioritized SEO files, competitor tracking, and more. You can audit a site’s content to reveal best performing topics, authors and page types such as blog posts, videos, and lists.


5.   Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is a more focused version of the Google Keyword Tool. Its main focus is on doing one thing: making straightforward texts for advertisers to get through the process of creating new ad groups and ad campaigns.
It’s a tool that helps to build new search network campaigns or expand existing campaigns. It will also get you keywords, historical statistics, keywords trend, biddings, and competitions. This service offered by Google is for free.

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