Social Media Essay- A Critical Analysis of Social Media

Social Media Essay

Our Nuttsbunny Productions Content Marketing Team writing a Social Media Essay because in these days social media and internet have been an important part of everyone’s life from shopping to electronic mails, education and business tool. Social media is playing an important role in changing people’s lifestyle. Social media includes social sites and blogs where people can easily interact with each other. The emergence of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have become key tools for news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have become a daily routine for the people.
Science and technology have shown a rapid development by introducing mobile devices and we can use these devices for accessing social networks any time anywhere, as these devices work as pocket computers, laptops. education social media has been used as an innovative and unique way. Students should use this tool in a better and enhanced way, in the educational classes’ media just being used for messaging or texting rather than they should learn to explore how to use these media for good. Social media has enhanced the quality and rate of collaboration for students. With the help of social media, students can easily communicate or share information quickly with each through various social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. Know more about Social media’s history

Social media sites have an extensive impact on our society. Many social media sites are the most popular on the web. Social media sites have changed the way where people communicate and socialize on the web. Social media sites give the opportunity for people to reconnect with their old friends, colleagues and mates. People can make new friends, pictures, audios, share content videos amongst them. Social media also changes the way of life of a society. In this Social Media Essay, we are going to talk about the positive and negatives of social media.

Positive Impacts of Social Media


positive imapact of social media


  • It gives away to the students to effectively reach each other in regards to class ventures, bunch assignments or for help on homework assignments.
  • Social Media helps to fulfil folks they’ll not have met outside the social media forums.
  • It conjointly helps to share ideas on the far side the geographical boundaries.
  • Youngsters will look to social media for obtaining the answers associated with their career objectives.
  • It helps to better understand their audience by their likes and dislikes and their behaviour on the internet.
  • It can help your business for promotional activities. Social Media Marketing is key for promoting Business. We Nuttsbunny Productions provide best Social Media Marketing services in Jaipur.
  • Social media sites help to make new customers by providing good and useful facilities

Negative Impacts of Social Media


negative imapact of social media


  • A major negative effect of social media is that it makes people addicted. People waste lots of time in social media sites which can divert the focus from the particular task.
  • It can easily affect the kids, the reason is sometimes people shares photos, videos on media that contain violence and negative things which can affect the behaviour of kids or teenagers.
  • People on social media use their pictures or videos on social sites that may encourage others to use it false absolutely.
  • The biggest fallback of social media in education is privacy issues like posting personal information on online sites.
  • In some of the scenario, there was much inappropriate information posted which may lead the students to the wrong side.
  • Because of social media students lose their ability to interact themselves for face to face communication

The conclusion of Social Media Essay

As technology and innovation are growing the social media has become a daily routine for each and every person, peoples are seen addicted and dependent on these technologies every day. Social media’s impact is different on people from different fields. It has been increasing the quality and rate of collaboration for students. Many Businesses use this medium to grow an organization’s performance in various ways such as to meet their business objectives, increasing annual sales of the organization. Social media has lots of merits but it also has some demerits which can affect people negatively. Fake and false information can lead the education system to failure, in an organization wrong advertisement will affect the productivity and quality of their services, social media can abuse the society by breaching on people’s privacy, Some Propaganda blogs can influence youth that can become violent and can take some inappropriate actions. social media is beneficial for society and can bring revolution but should be used in a limited way without getting addicted. Hope you will find our social media essay useful. 🙂

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