Chatbots are staying here. Where are you?

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Is Siri your one and only true companion? Does your free time go interacting with a chatbot? If not Siri, then Cortana? Or Alexa?

This is the 21st century, folks! People are replaceable.  And chatbots are here to say “Hi!”

MNCs worldwide are already using and those which are not, are inclined towards investing in them for their social growth. By the year 2022, chatbots will help save as much as $8 billion per year. Who knew a simple AI program would result in making world domination easy?

FYI: Sephora, Dominos, Uber, Pizza Hut, Bank of America are already making sweet profits using chatbots for online orders, customer services, accessing bank accounts and what not.

Sixty-one percent of consumers believe chatbots are “here to stay” in customer service. Ideas have come and gone but chatbots are cutting through all the problems and are making their place in the market. Not only has a chatbot helped the customer service representatives but also the sales agents do the repetitive tedious job without any err.

They are, indeed, “here to stay”.


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