6 Ingredients to a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media

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Do you inspire and captivate your social media community? Is your visual content dynamic, engaging and diverse?

…If you want to stand out on social media, you must earn the attention of your audience. And you have to do it in a short amount of time. But that’s just part of the story…

Because without visual marketing, your content is stuck in neutral. How’s that? The right graphic breathes life into your otherwise dull and boring post. It can expand your reach, boost engagement and get interaction churning.

Here’s how you can develop your unique visual calling card.

1. Unique, Memorable, Undeniably YOU

According to a recent study, 45% of a brand’s image comes from what they say and how they say it. Your words tie together the mission, vision, and values.

Your brand is what people say about you after you leave the room – Jeff Bezos

How you say it gives a voice to the company message. It’s that message that creates the brand experience. It influences how people feel; their emotion, attitude, and opinions around that brand. It’s also the vibrant, eye-catching and appealing way they leverage visual marketing. Just take a look at many of the most iconic brands out there. Each one has an instantly recognizable logo. They’ve also succeeded in creating massive appeal through strong visual content.

2. Design an Experience, Don’t Just Sell a Product or Service

Are you posting visual content just for the sake of it? Or worse yet… Does your visual marketing only promote your business? If you want to create a community eager to eat up your visual content, stop making it all about YOU.


Let your visual marketing sell more than your business, product or service. Design an experience around your business and brand. Remember, a good brand is built over time and that requires thought, strategy, and consistent implementation.  With 63% of all social media content including an image, it’s time to increase your odds of winning that moment. After all, your customers crave visual content, so why not give it to them? If quotes aren’t working with your audience, adjust your strategy. There are no one-size fits all solution. Find your visual groove and work it.

3. Give Your Visuals a Plan, Purpose, and Promise

Before you can use visual marketing, you need to know what you want to get out of it. How will you communicate your brand image to the world? Once you know that, it’s time to determine how you will visually and creatively express your brand promise. For example, Apple’s promise to… “think different” is two-sided. It’s their guarantee to create products based on seeing the world a little differently. It’s also their promise to inspire their customers to do the same.  Find your identity: Think about how people perceive your business.

4. Inspire Action: Be Consistently Consistent

What’s the difference between a memorable brand and one that’s forgotten?


After all… A consistent brand builds trust. But consistency doesn’t mean cookie cutter. It also doesn’t mean doing the same thing across every social channel.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – all unique audiences. So why are you treating them as if they’re the same? Each one needs to visually stand out on its own. Don’t be afraid to tailor your content per channel. Be careful to only change characteristics based on the channel. Your brand elements should remain consistent.

How can you create consistency across social media? With your…

Color scheme
Graphic elements

5. Choose Your Best Color Palette

Did you know… Color impression accounts for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of your product or service?

That’s HUGE!

Choose a dominant color that mixes your message, voice, and identity. Think about what it represents: energy, vitality, creativity? Remember that color can send a powerful message about your brand, so make sure it’s only strengthening your brand’s image.

6. Tell Your Story

92% of consumers say they want brands to create content that tells a story. What’s yours? Just keep in mind… As you craft your story and prepare your visuals for each social network: Writing and creating content for the ear isn’t the same as creating it for the eye.  Let your visual content become nuggets that drives sales, boosts your bottom line and connect customers to your brand. In other words – the right content, shared with the right people will help tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way.

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